About Our Company

alicraft_hatch.jpgalicraft_side.jpgalicraft_front.jpg The adventure of jet boating began in New Zealand. The concept of using aluminum as a boat building material came after both wood and fiberglass, failed to navigate rocks and contact with other objects, without hull damage.

Jet drives were becoming the most popular form of propulsion. From the desire to get to remote hunting and fishing areas without risk to body or boat came the solution.

ALI-CRAFT and the manufacturing of aluminum hulls began in the 1960's. Aluminum alloy was light, strong and easy to work with. Over the years, a variety of boats have been produced by ALI-CRAFT. This includes a number of specialty boats for use in police patrol, Fisheries & Oceans, cabin boats and racing.

With an urge to explore new frontiers, ALI-CRAFT Boats Ltd. was transferred from New Zealand to Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.